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  • Shaving brush

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    We make a range of high quality badger and synthetic hair shaving brushes with different material composition handles. All of our badger hair come from mainland China, which most from Northeast Mountain area, and imported synthetic hair material from oversea.Our brush handle included in natural wood material and synthetic material which made by a  lathe turned and hand polished.

  • Shaving razor

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    We create FS shaving razor using Mach 3 razor, Fusion razor, DE safety razor and straight razor, which are made from acrylic, wood and metal material, that satisfy the desires of all discerning wet shavers. All of our razor are handmade by our craftsman, to keep the finest quality shaving products for sales.

  • Shaving set

    more Shaving set

    We match our finest quality different brush and razor with stand into a shaving set, which were carefully handmade by FS company, including luxurious options in Gillette Fusion and Mach3 compatible shaving sets, Safety Razor and Straight Razor sets. We also make laxury gift box for set according to customer’s require.

  • Accessories

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    FS Shaving company also make a range of    shaving accessories, including shaving bowl & mug, razor and brush stands, strops & leather razor case, styptic pencil, and razor head, also sales agent of Gillette replacement blades Feather blade, Dorco blade and other razor blade.

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